Westpoint is the industrial hub of Star City. The power and water purification plant is located here as well as some of the processing facilities for the V’sori aquaculture farms. The V’sori presence is high in these locations but moderate elsewhere. V’sori scientists continue to study and marvel at the inner workings of the Outsider’s amazing water and power plant.

Westpoint also offers visitors the once-trendy Industry Shops, a collection of retail outlets featuring artisan-level crafts, jewelry, and fashions housed in the remnants of an old sheet-metal factory. Prosperous in spite of the alien presence, the Industry Shops still attract thousands of visitors each weekend, many eager to part with their money in exchange for the merchant’s high priced wares.

The Shops are also the location of the popular nightspot known as Chick’s Cafe. The proprietor is Chick Abel, a man who, at least publicly, prides himself on complete neutrality when it comes to matters surrounding the invasion and the current alien occupation. Great jazz music and gourmet Cajun cuisine attract the city’s best, brightest, and sometimes most notorious.

Abel’s avowed neutrality has even encouraged a few brave V’sori officers and warlords to frequent the bar. They and their retinues are now regulars at Chick’s on the weekends. This has lead to some uncomfortable moments as alcohol sometimes makes the tensions rise between the alien and human clientele, but Chick always manages to keep the peace. As he is fond of saying, “I don’t allow politics in my club.”

Also situated among the artisans of the Industry Shops is the novelty store called Heroes, which sells collectibles and memorabilia related to Earth’s super-being population. The disruption this shop’s wares (mainly comic books, old photos, action figures, and games) causes among the populace of Star City is small, so the V’sori have continued to allow it to operate with little interruption. The owner of the shop is Mitch Powers, a one-time history professor at Star City University. No one knows why the wheelchair-bound Powers quit his tenure-track position at SCU to run the store, but he has managed to make a go of it, moving enough product to meet his rent each month and afford a few creature comforts.


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