Northpoint is the most heavily patrolled section of Star City that is not home to any V’sori. Once the upper middle class district, Northpoint is now the home of those humans who willing work with the alien empire. Northpoint follows the high-rise appearance of Uptown in its southern section, then becomes a series of brownstones as one moves north.

Mayor Perez: Northpoint’s most important human resident is Star City’s current Mayor, Jerry Perez. The V’sori governor appointed Perez mayor about a year ago, and he has since surrounded himself with a number of like-minded cronies. Perez’s primary goal is self-preservation, but his secondary objective is rooting out any resistance cells in Star City. He has proven himself an implacable foe of the resistance, and uses whatever resources that are given to him by his alien overlords to hunt down any insurgents. He has used his freedom and authority to form his own Star City Police Department, and has even been allowed to arm his officers with a limited number of high-powered V’sori weapons.

Special Ops Corps: Perez was allowed to create a special branch of the police to deal with superhuman menaces across the city. The Special Ops Corps, or SOCorps, was born, and with strong alien support, Perez outfitted his new officers to do battle with super-beings. Since its inception, SOCorp has worked closely with the V’sori governor in busting several rings of resistance operatives, earning them the enmity of every Omegan in town.

Perez and SOCorp are based in Northpoint’s heavily guarded Public Safety Building, located on Center Avenue, the primary thoroughfare that bisects the neighborhood.


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