Downtown architecture features heavy doses of dark stone and gothic style. The V’sori patrol this area, but confine most of their activity to mag-lev train lines. Some of the smarter gangs have learned how to survive in this area, and rumor has it that the Black Market is located somewhere Downtown.

If someone in Star City is looking for contraband of any kind, Downtown is the place to start the search. As long as you’re far away from the heavy traffic of the well-policed mag-lev lines, there is all kinds of underground activity to be found.

Downtown is also the home of Star City’s only professional sports franchise, Major League Soccer’s Star City Sentinels. The Sentinels play their games in Weston Stadium, and are owned and operated by mysterious billionaire industrialist George Weston. Rarely seen in public, Weston made his fortune trading international currencies and futures, but his true passion has always been European Football, or Soccer.

The Sentinels are extremely popular in Star City, and in accordance with the tough financial times, owner Weston has lowered ticket prices to make coming to the games more affordable. Several V’sori Warlords have even taken an interest in the team, and Weston has granted them their own private box to view the games away from the screaming crowds of human spectators.


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