Man on the Streets

The average person living on the Earth of Necessary Evil is a hardy but fatalistic soul. After the V’sori seized control, the world economy went into the tank for several long months. With the aliens enforcing martial law around the world, the sort of widespread looting and lawlessness one might expect from such an even never occurred. Soon after the destruction of Earth’s leaders it became clear the V’sori were here to rule rather than destroy, so most people have remained subservient rather than face certain death.

With the V’sori and their human governors encouraging the populace to work and maintain the world’s infrastructure, most people could do little except try to resume their normal lives. Schools reopened, hospitals saved lives, and order returned to the world, though it was an order authorized by an alien power. The people of Earth know they are no longer working for themselves, but rather toward some sinister purpose whose nature they may never understand. There is little vocal objection to V’sori rule, for such statements are marked seditious, and any who utter them are taken away for “re-education.”

With this specter hanging over their heads, most adults are a dour lot. As hope fades, alcoholism and drug use are on the rise. Most humans quietly listen to whispered reports of the resistance movement, and cheer quietly when the V’sori are set back. Hearing news about the real progress of the resistance is not easy, however, as the V’sori have installed their own human sycophants in the media.

Still, with every victory the Omegans score over the aliens and their human puppets, the flicker of hope smoldering in the hearts of Earth’s citizens burns a little more brightly.

Man on the Streets

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